Encaustic Studio

Purchasing Artworks

Many of Amie's paintings sell via this website. Potential customers should contact Amie to discuss availablity, price and shipping costs. Once deciding to purchase, the purchaser in most cases will make a deposit directly into Amie's bank account. On receipt of payment, Amie securely packages the artwork and arranges delivery.

For some, purchasing artwork over the internet seems risky. It can be difficult to assess a painting on your computer and know if it will look good in your own home. It is important to Amie that her customers are happy with their painting therefore all artworks sold via the internet are able to be returned for a full refund of the cost of the painting itself, provided it is returned safely and in original condition.

Amie also welcomes potential buyers to visit her studio if the artwork they are interested in is held there. If the artwork is currently being displayed in a representing gallery, Amie will be able to help with contacting the gallery to discuss viewing or purchasing options.

After selling over 50 paintings online, Amie has found that the purchaser generally finds the actual painting far superior to the online image. A selection of testimonials can be found further down this page.

Packaging and Delivery

Delivery costs are usually passed on to the purchaser and will vary depending on size, weight and where artwork is to be delivered. 

Each country will have its own rules as to whether customs and duty charges will be applied when a painting arrives in their country for which the purchaser is responsible to pay.

Amie takes great care to package artworks in a manner that reduces any risk of damage during delivery. Each artwork is securely wrapped then boxed in heavy cardboard and in over 50 deliveries throughout the world that Amie has arranged no losses or damages have been experienced.  Should the painting not be what you expected on arrival then Amie offers a risk-free money back guarantee on it's return.

Natalia from London

"The painting arrived and it looks great! Thank you for packing it so well... the outside of the box looked quite dented so I was a bit worried when I opened it... but everything was in one piece!! It looks beautiful... now I've bought one painting I need to try convince my husband I should buy another!!!! I need a bit of my homeland here!"